Kick Overwhelm and
Anxiety to the Curb
and Say Hello to



The 28-Day Claim Your Calm course helps busy, professional women conquer anxiety and live with a renewed sense of peace and joy.

Yes, I need this!

Kick Overwhelm and Anxiety to the Curb
and Say Hello to

The 28-Day Claim Your Calm course helps busy, professional women conquer anxiety and live with a renewed sense of peace and joy.


Yes, I need this!

↓ On the surface, you’re a successful, driven woman, but the truth is that you’re barely holding it together sometimes. Inside, your life feels out of control. Despite having too much on your plate you feel like you’ll be letting people down if you drop the ball on anything

↓ Stress is your best friend and you feel constantly stuck in a state of overwhelm.

↓ You look around and it seems like all the women you know are relaxed and enjoying their lives. You ask yourself, “What’s wrong with me? Am I crazy?” (no, you’re not!) “Why can’t I just relax and chill out?”

↓ You’re tired of constant racing thoughts, incessant worry, imposter syndrome, and random panic attacks that seem to hit you out of nowhere.

Anxiety is exhausting, frustrating and can lead to feelings of hopelessness. And left unchecked, it rarely improves. More often than not, it gets worse.

Anxiety is a natural human emotion that protects us and keeps us safe. And it’s absolutely something you can control.


The goal is not to get rid of anxiety, because you literally need this important emotion for survival. But to bring your hyperactive anxiety down to a more manageable, comfortable, and healthy level where it no longer impairs your life.


With very specific techniques, you can retrain your brain to learn what’s actually dangerous and what‘s not. You can shift your thoughts and perspective and ultimately relax your feelings and your body.

You can claim calm even in the midst of stressful situations.

You can be in control.

When I say anxiety is totally “natural,” I really mean that. I’ve helped hundreds of women overcome anxiety with the strategies I teach.


Patients often tell me I'm not like other therapists.


With over 10 years of experience in my field, I've gathered knowledge, experience, and tried and tested techniques that work well for anxiety.


These techniques have helped hundreds of women reach their dream of living a life with decreased and manageable stress levels.


You need solutions that are “doable” for your busy schedule. Bite-sized chunks you can integrate into your daily routine right away. 


My solution is holistic. I help you control thoughts and regulate emotions, while also teaching you to be present and mindful through my techniques.


Just imagine how good you will feel when you are in control and no longer riding the roller coaster of emotions.

You WILL reclaim control of your life and finally conquer your anxiety.

I’m Ready for Peace of Mind!

It is my mission to encourage strong, intelligent, and high-functioning women to seek the support they deserve.  

Professional women are often looked to for leadership and guidance, but behind the scenes, they struggle to find their own support when needed. I believe smart and intelligent women need support too! 


Successful women are not exempt from coping with death, life transitions, divorce, fertility issues, hormonal changes, or family conflict. It’s wise to have someone outside of our own head to identify and utilize our strengths to guide us in overcoming life challenges.


As an experienced therapist of ten years, I use a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and existential therapy, which are both highly researched and evidence-based approaches to treating anxiety.  I believe in a holistic approach to health that values the intimate connection between mental and physical health.  Together we will help you alleviate unnecessary anxiety, claim your calm and live the peaceful life you deserve.

With much relief, I bring to you…

As a busy, professional woman, this is the answer you’ve been searching for.


Finally, defeat your overwhelming anxiety and regain control of your life as you find the calm, joy, and peace of mind you’ve been yearning for. 

Explore the physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety and learn to face them head-on with courage, curiosity, and the skills to conquer them


 End the overwhelm and learn techniques to immediately calm your mind and body


 Build your toolkit for coping with everyday stressors. Perfect for women who feel overwhelmed by daily life


 Increase your awareness of negative thoughts and emotions and arm yourself with the ability to self-regulate and alleviate panic attacks


 Develop your ongoing anxiety maintenance plan so you can live with calm, confidence, and feelings of self-control

Week 1:  Understanding Your Anxiety

Awareness is the First Step to Conquering Anxiety

During week one, you’ll be exposed to many exercises that’ll increase awareness of your specific type of anxiety as well as core beliefs that are contributing to your anxious thoughts. Begin the process of getting in tune with your body and analyzing your specific symptoms. Build your support team to help you on your journey to overcoming your anxiety.

Explore the many masks (there are 10) anxiety wears so you can easily identify and understand your unique symptoms

Introduction to exposure therapy and other awareness techniques that will help you discover your anxiety patterns

Week 2: Controlling Physical Symptoms

Learn to Calm the Symptoms of Anxiety

Week two is all about understanding your physical symptoms and filling your toolbox with tools that’ll help you relax your mind and body.  When you can calm your body, you can think clearer and feel more in control of your thoughts and feelings.  You will learn to better cope with negative emotions, be more productive, and perform at a much higher level.  

Learn to control panic attacks with two simple steps so you can relax and stop worrying about when the next one will strike

Explore tricks and tips for controlling anxious symptoms even if you think you’ve tried everything already

Week 3:  Challenging Negative Thoughts

Start Changing the Way You Think

During week three, you’ll explore the relationship between thoughts and feelings.  Using exercises like the “feeling wheel” and the “waterfall exercise,” you will examine anxious situations in your own life and identify patterns of negative thinking and false information you are feeding your brain.  Learn to balance and regulate your emotions, promoting clear thinking and healthier responses.

Use the 10 common irrational beliefs to challenge your negative self-talk so you can shift your perspective and de-intensify your emotions

Learn to treat yourself the way you would treat others in stressful situations leading to a more compassionate relationship with yourself

Week 4:  Master and Maintain

Develop your Plan for Ongoing Anxiety Management

In the final week, you’ll capture your recipe for success so that you can quickly get back on track if you fall off.  By exploring memories and situations that create anxiety for you, you’ll challenge yourself to face your fears.  Set bigger and bigger goals that encourage you to practice coping with your discomfort.  And learn to celebrate every step you take towards a healthier you.

Instead of avoiding discomfort, you will now have an ongoing plan to cope and become a master at managing your anxiety

By sharing your successes with loved ones, you’ll not only teach others these important skills but also learn to love yourself through the process

We are confident that the techniques used in this course will help you make a dramatic shift in your anxiety levels. 

If you complete the course, do all the exercises, and can show me that you have practiced what you learned, and still do not have relief from anxiety, then we will refund your money.  Our goal is to provide learning that works.

Imagine for a moment if you no longer felt anxious.

If you felt at peace, in control, and confident in your ability to manage life. If you could claim calm as your default way of experiencing the world.


What would your life look like? 

What would you do that you’re not doing now?


Yes, you have the option to keep struggling with your anxiety, hoping that in a few weeks, months or years, it will get better.  You can try to fix this issue yourself.  But you and I both know you’ve already tried that.


Deep down, you know that you are more than capable of getting the relief you desire, but you also know it’s time to get some support.  The time is now.  The longer you wait, the more life passes you by.  Anxiety is a monster and together let’s relinquish the control it has over you and put you back in the driver’s seat of your own life.

The Claim Your Calm 28-day course with (4) Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions plus Private Facebook Community Group  

Claim Your Calm course Value ($497)

(4) Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions Value ($797)

Private Facebook Community Group Value ($97)

Bonus 1: Loved Ones Support Guide Value ($19)

Bonus 2Biochemist Interview on Anxiety Value ($47)

Bonus 3Deep Sleep Inhaler Value ($8)

Bonus 44-week Positive Affirmation Schedule Value ($19)

Bonus 5Coping Skills Toolkit Value ($19)

Bonus 6Assessment to Measure Progress throughout the course Value ($27)

Bonus 720-minute consult with me at the end of the course Value ($77)


Total Price:  $1607.00

Today’s Price:  $697.00

One Time Payment $697
Two Monthly Payments of $397 each

The Claim Your Calm 28-Day Course 


Private Facebook Community Group 

Claim Your Calm course Value ($497)

Private Facebook Community Group Value ($97)

✮ Bonus 1: Loved Ones Support Guide Value ($19)

✮ Bonus 2Biochemist Interview on Anxiety Value ($47)

✮ Bonus 3Deep Sleep Inhaler Value ($8)

✮ Bonus 44-week Positive Affirmation Schedule Value ($19)

✮ Bonus 5Coping Skills Toolkit Value ($19)

✮ Bonus 6Assessment to Measure Progress throughout the course Value ($27)


Total Price:  $733.00

Today’s Price:  $197.00

One Time Payment $197

Let’s be honest.

You and I both know you can’t go on living like this. Your state of mind is crucial to your success in life. You worry about your relationships and the toll your anxiety is taking on them. Your job depends on you having it together, emotionally and physically.


But most importantly, you deserve peace of mind. Being trapped in a constant state of worry, stress, and helpless feelings is no way to live. You know you need to quit stressing but you don’t know how to stop.


I can show you how to alleviate your anxiety and learn healthy ways to cope with the everyday stressors of life.  With the “Claim Your Calm” 28-day course, you will finally be able to stop obsessing, increase your confidence and start enjoying yourself.


Your ongoing battle with anxiety isn’t your fault. 


There are just coping techniques you haven’t learned. And with this course, I promise that one month from now you will be well on your way to relaxing, laughing and being “you” again!  I can’t wait to help you get started.