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Kristin Woodling,


Owner of PYM
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Certified Marriage and Family Therapist
EMDR Trained
State of Florida Qualified Counseling Supervisor

[email protected]

Are you a career woman juggling multiple responsibilities? Have you experienced confusing moods possibly triggered by stress or hormones? Feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, or unbalanced?

Professional women are often looked to for leadership and guidance, but struggle to find their own support when needed. I believe smart and intelligent women need support too! Successful women are not exempt from coping with death, life transitions, divorce, fertility issues, hormonal changes, or family conflict. It is wise to have someone outside of our own head to identify and utilize our strengths to guide us in overcoming life challenges.

As an experienced therapist of ten years, I can help you evaluate your personal and professional goals and find a healthy balance in managing those two separate, yet interrelated goals. You are invited to enjoy a serene and holistic office while being guided through the following effective and proven process:

1. Evaluation of physical health and provided valuable referrals and resources

2. Identify, understand, and alter toxic thoughts

3. Experience and cleanse adverse emotions

4. Pursue healthy responses to internal and external stressors

Your time is valuable. Making your emotional well-being a priority and choosing to nurture it today will allow you to be more effective tomorrow.

Mary Beth Laburda,


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

[email protected]

What would “I am enough” look like to you?  If you imagined a happier, healthier quality of life with less pressure and more control, what would you see?  The demands placed upon us can be overwhelming – even crippling – specifically for women. 

The process of coming into our authentic self can be complex and we can often find ourselves slipping into behaviors that are rooted in what others expect of us.  Your authentic self is who you are at your deepest core.  It is about being true to ALL of you, by aligning your thoughts, words and behaviors.

My goal as your therapist is to guide you towards embracing your authentic self by facilitating emotional awareness, regulation and acceptance.  During our time together, we will foster an environment where you can feel safe enough to experience and express what can seem impossible elsewhere.  Together we will empower you to claim your authenticity by releasing self-judgment, guilt and maladaptive patterns to uncover resilience and strength.   

After practicing therapy for fifteen years, I offer advanced training and expertise in a variety of evidence-based modalities, with an emphasis in acceptance and commitment therapy.  Having worked in a variety of therapeutic settings, my expertise rests in treating women, as well as individuals who identify as LGBTQ+.

I look forward to meeting you and am honored to play a role in your evolving story.


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Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

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