Medication Management

“I can handle it on my own”.“I don’t want to lose my personality”. “I’m afraid it won’t

While research and support for mental health treatment has grown exponentially in the past decade, many still carry these concerns when it comes to psychiatric care. We
have been conditioned to believe that in order to experience relief from symptoms like
depression or anxiety, we need to trade that relief in for a life time of medication that
cause us to feel flat and disconnected. For many, psychiatry has a reputation for brief
appointments, cold practitioners, and poor symptom management.

My goal as a clinician is for you to reconsider these stereotypes by fostering an
environment of collaboration and education. Every patient has their own individual
symptom set, environmental stressors, and mental health goals.

During our sessions we will explore symptoms, discuss potential underlying diagnostic
processes, establish short and long term goals related to mental health, and discuss
treatment options that range from individualized metabolic testing, nutritional therapies and dietary interventions to traditional medical treatments including medications and psychotherapy.

Our medication management approach will be guided by discussions around what is
working and what is not. Every medication suggestion will be discussed in detail with
education on what the medication does and why it might be an appropriate choice.

Psychiatric care can be a crucial component to living authentically, to showing up for
yourself and for those you care about, and to feeling better. While medication is not
appropriate for all of my patients, opening the discussion of the impact that brain
chemistry plays in symptom management can be a truly transformative part of your
process towards mental wellness.

Professional Bio:

Dr. Alexis Eppes is a board certified Doctor of Nursing Practice in Psychiatry and Mental Health. She earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice from the University of Central Florida, her Masters of Science in Nursing at the University of Tennessee, and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Charleston Southern University. She uses a holistic whole-body medical approach and helps patients to address their mental health concerns through individualized metabolic testing, nutritional therapies, dietary
interventions, and traditional medical treatments including medications and

Dr. Eppes brings a wealth of knowledge from her clinical experience in both inpatient
and outpatients psychiatry as well as in community health intensive outpatient
psychiatry. She believes education is a key component of comprehensive mental health care and that medication management– like all of psychiatry– is a collaborative effort between clinician and patient to find a unique and tailored approach to symptom management.

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