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Watching your child struggle can be heartbreaking.  Each of our children has their own unique personality, genetic make-up, set of experiences, and are developmentally evolving at their own pace. The behavior displayed by children and adolescents can be complicated and easily misunderstood. It is important as parents that we give ourselves permission to not always know the answer, but to seek trusted resources and support for ourselves and our family.

As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, I recognize and support the idea that no one treatment is right for every child.  Flexibility is key!  I believe in a holistic approach to mental health.  I understand the idea of exploring medication management for your child can be a difficult and scary decision. In my practice philosophy, medication will sometimes be necessary, but it is not the only option and sometimes not the best one.  I am also supportive of researched, and evidence based natural remedies.  The best course of treatment will be determined by a collaborative effort including children, parents and provider.

Anytime medication management is being explored, it is just as important that children and adolescents have a safe space to express thoughts and feelings to gain tools and skills for healthy coping.  Children might not respond well to traditional therapy involving sitting in a room for an hour.  They might be more open to therapy, playing pretend or drawing with markers.  Older children might even be more open to therapy and treatment when it involves being outside walking or playing sports.  I meet children where they are in life.  I am passionate about herbalism, meditation, yoga and exercise as alternative forms of treatment for all ages and provide families and children with education on the many benefits they have on our mental health. 

Throughout this process, I feel it is crucial for parents to be involved and supported as well.  I will count heavily on your feedback and observations from home and I will offer you feedback from my observations, training, and experience.  I am here to validate your feelings, offer you tools and resources, and answer any questions you have on this journey.

Our first meeting will be focused on getting to know one another and making sure I am the right fit for your family.  We will review past and current stressors and symptoms, and take plenty of time to answer questions and provide education on options for moving forward.  There is no pressure to take any specific course of action following the appointment.  You are encouraged to take the information gathered in that meeting and make the best educated decision for your child’s specific needs.


Professional Bio:

Ms. Stoddart received an undergraduate degree at Charleston Southern University.  She has served in the US Army and worked as an ER and ICU RN. Her time in service was followed by experience as a pediatric and adult ER and ICU Nurse with training in S.A.N.E.  Ms. Stoddart holds multiple certifications relating to acute lifesaving techniques. She trained and worked as a Flight Nurse in Indiana where she received training and work experience as a First Responder. She worked in Trauma as a Contractor overseas where she finished her classroom portion of her PMHNP degree.  Ms. Stoddart has been trained in therapeutic techniques with children and adults by experienced Psychologists and Therapists as well as medication management by Psychiatrists and Nurse Practitioners.  She has completed clinical hours in animal therapy, art and play therapy.  She has received awards in the Army for changes made in patient care.  She switched from Critical Care to Psychiatry because she wanted to start helping those with injuries not obvious to the eye or diagnosable with routine labs.  She wants to support families with children seeking to enjoy life together, not just survive it.  In summary, Ms. Stoddart has an extensive and dynamic background that allows her to serve our community with a high level of education, experience, and passion.

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